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First of all  I will like to thank you and welcoming you into my shop. I am Carole a French mum of three beautiful angels that have been living in London for more than a decade.I always had the passion for amazing luxurious eyelashes especially the faux mink and silk ones and I always received so much compliments on how beautiful and natural my lashes actually looked on ,that the reason why i decided to challenged myself and open this store that store many beautiful items from lashes, to handbags ,jewelleries ,wigs ,cosmetics and create a luxury brand that had an emphasis on both quality and affordability just a month after the birth of my last  son as I have noticed for some times that the price of luxury eyelashes on the market was getting just too high! I also wanted to make sure that others mothers ,divas and fashionistas also look incredibly sexy and beautiful at a very affordable prices. All the pairs of lashes on my website are vegan , cruelty free and have been carefully selected with love special attention and care by myself. 

Sublime Lashes by Carole top priority is to provide the best quality lashes ,cosmetics,accessories,wigs ,virgin hair  whilst maintaining very affordable prices. the average industry price is for most mink lashes are between £15-£25 . Which was too overpriced!! I also was determined to provide enough different styles and length of  lashes for every types of women no matter what the age range might be as I strongly believe that you can still look glamorous at any ages and also that my lashes collection were also comfortable soft  enough to wear all day long.My exclusive collection include an amazing wide range of mink , silk protein , Brazilian, Siberian and human hair lashes that are lightweight and don’t weigh down your natural lashes. Each pair of lashes is handmade ,cruelty free , vegan and come with natural thin band making it hard to detect and makes the lash appear more natural looking when installed.

Founded in September 2019,Sublime lashes by Carole four pillards are innovation affordability, diversity and quality and I Carole,personally strive to make sure that every customer experience is like none other.Transform and enhance your beauty when you  purchase a pair of Sublime lashes by Carole 

Hope you like my amazing brand as much as I do



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